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ATTENTION: Finally a Golf Instruction Program for the Novice Player! A Guide for the Rest of Us!....

Channel Your Inner Phil or Tiger. Learn to Play Like a Pro!

From: Pro-Golfer-Club
Date: Friday, January 15, 2010

Are you frustrated by your play on the golf course? Are you looking to impress your boss on your next company golf outing? Are you tired of being a golfing laughing stock?

You are not alone. Golf can be a very intimidating sport. The pros make it look so easy while the rest of us rarely, if ever, break 100.

Dont give up hope. Finally there is a way to improve your handicap, fine tune your swing and turn all those ghastly quadruple bogeys into pars and birdies.

Tee Up and Swing Into Action!
There is no getting around the fact that golf is mentally challenging. You need to approach every course, every hole with a positive attitude. That probably goes without saying.

But you need more than visualizing a great result to produce a great result. You need to understand:

When to use which clubs
How to approach certain angles
The proper putting stance
When to be aggressive and when to play it safe
The notion of playing to your strengths
When you have a firm grasp of the important fundamentals and are then able to incorporate secret and invaluable golf tips, you can elevate your game to the next level in no time.

Ive Been Struggling With My Game for Years.
Why Should I Believe You?
Thats a great question. Not too long ago I wouldve been just as cynical. Not too long ago I was an awful golfer. Break 100? I couldnt get passed the first hole.

I had my share of temper tantrums on the golf course. Ive damaged more than a few clubs in my day. Ive even frightened an instructor or two.

I didnt get what I was doing wrong. I put the work in. I hit the driving range religiously and consistently practiced my putting. I didnt understand what I was doing wrong.

Thats when a friend offered some much needed golf enlightenment. Its true I was getting a lot of practice in - very bad ineffectual practice.

He shared some of his most cherished golf tips and strategies with me. Before I knew it, my game drastically improved. I was not only breaking 100, I was crushing it making birdies, even eagles like the big boys.

I believe in sharing my newfound knowledge. And that is why I created Golf Master, the only guide to golfing you will ever need.

So How Will I Get Up to Par?
With Golf Master, you will learn the golf tricks of the trade the pros and leading instructors dont want you to know. I guarantee that within an hour, the techniques you adopt will cut your handicap in half! Learn:

The fast track toward shooting in the 60s
The secrets to curving the golf ball
How to perfectly read the toughest lie
How to master your short and sand game
Are You Ready to Tackle the Greens?
Stop making excuses. Stop avoiding charity tournaments. Stop watching other golfers take your spot on the leader board. That could be you up there!

Let Golf Master teach you how to golf with confidence, with passion, with determination and with precision. But heres the best part - it will improve more than your game.

Think of the doors Golf Master can open up for you.

Impress your boss and land that coveted promotion
Join a club and meet new and interesting people
Take golfing vacations around the world
Golf Master can show you the way!

You Have Nothing to Lose but Strokes on Your Score!
Ready to improve your golf game but even more importantly bolster your self-esteem? Thats terrific news!

In golf terminology, by trusting my specially designed instructional program - Golf Master - you are making a phenomenal approach shot to the green. You are scoring a hole in one. You are this much closer to the green jacket. Well, you get the picture.

Normally this entire package including the bonus features is priced at $97. But if you act RIGHT NOW Golf Master can be yours for an amazing $77. Talk about a great approach shot off the tee!

As someone who has benefitted from Golf Master I know you will love this program. However, if youre not satisfied, simply return everything within 30 days and I will refund your entire purchase - NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

Iron-Clad 4 Week Unconditional Promise
We value your trust in our promise. Take 30 FULL days to simply try out the Pro Golfer Membership. As a matter of fact, try it tonight.

Within 30 days... if youre not duplicating success after giving these strategies your sincere effort, then just contact us right away for support. If we truly cant guide you and prove that failure is NOT an option, then well promptly REFUND EVERY DIME. This is why its a virtually RISKLESS offer.

Hit the greens like a seasoned pro. Become a Golf Master. Try it today.

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