How To Create Your Own Solar Panels

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ATTENTION: Find out what the solar energy industry doesnt want you to know!
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Discover How To Create Your Own Solar Panels! Save Thousands!

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Solar Power is driving the new global economy. But the upfront costs linked to making your home or business run on the sun are not wallet friendly.

Solar panels cost on average anywhere from $25,000 to $30,000 to install. Thats a steep price to pay, especially in a recession. Just like you I never thought I could afford it on a salary that barely helped me get by.

But what the Solar Energy Industry doesnt want you to know is theres a way you can build your own panels for a fraction of their costs.


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Make your property energy efficient for pennies on the dollar

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Save the Planet? I Need to Save My Money!
Ive always been interested in energy efficiency. So I decided several years ago to research solar panels. What I found shocked me.

After querying several solar power companies, the price tag for panel installation on my roof was through the roof. The low end cost was $25,000. Thats not even including consultation fees!

Sadly I figured I could never afford them and continued writing checks to my electric company. Charges continued to mound for subpar service. I was at the end of my financial rope.

Just when I thought all hope was lost, a colleague clued me in to the Solar Energy Industrys pricey little secret. It is possible, no it easy to build your own panels.

This knowledge changed my life. It can change your life as well. Thats why I created this E-Book. Think of what you can do with all the extra cash youll have saved. Take a great vacation. Buy a new car. Get one step closer to early retirement!

Simply by following the steps in this incredible E-Book, soon youll be:

Constructing 60 to 120 Watt Solar Panels for $100 to $200
Learning how to repair damaged solar cells saving more money

Finding and/or building your own materials on the cheap

Building Panels is Easy, Fun and Exciting
Lets face it - saving money in any capacity is always fun and exciting. Discovering how to save thousands building my own solar panels certainly qualified as both. But fun?

I braced myself for long days. After the 9 to 5, I didnt want any hassles. To my utter delight, I experienced neither. Check out a few of my proud creations.

The time spent building solar panels was highly enjoyable. Soon I was spreading the word. Neighbors got in on the act. Mothers, fathers and kids were building panels!

Still Unsure? The Savings Dont Lie!
Sometimes when something seems too good to be true, it usually is. Believe me I understand the skepticism. Not with this amazing E-Book. Check out my side by side comparison of one months electric bill with the cost of building my own solar panel.

My story can be your story. Thats why I have created this informative, user friendly E-Book.

Its the only guide to creating solar panels and researching cost effective yet high functional materials you will ever need!

But Im Not Solar Savvy
Neither was I. Neither were the thousands of people I have helped in turning their homes and businesses into stellar models of solar efficiency. Anyone can do this.

Stay at Home Parents
High School and College Students
White Collar and Blue Collar Workers
Tech Challenged Types Like Yours Truly!
Ready to Go Solar? Fantastic!
I have no doubt that when you learn the secret to solar panel building success; youll wonder why you didnt act sooner.

I have no doubt that when you learn the secret to solar panel building success; youll wonder why you didnt act sooner. Heres what youll receive:

The Guide to Building Solar Panels
The Guide to Understanding Wiring Plans
The Guide to Installation, Mounting and Proper Conservation

Iron-Clad 4 Week Unconditional Promise
We value your trust in our promise. Take 30 FULL days to simply try out the Diy-Solar-Energy Membership. As a matter of fact, try it tonight.

Its like we are almost giving it to you for free!

Within 30 days... if youre not seeing a reduced energy bill after giving these strategies your sincere effort, then just contact us right away for support. If we truly cant guide you and prove that failure is NOT an option, then well promptly REFUND EVERY DIME. This is why its a virtually RISKLESS offer.

In keeping with my personal commitment to solar energy, a portion of profits goes to raising solar awareness and developing new products. Go Solar. Go with my E-Book!

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